Can’t see all my mixer imputa on vst connections!

Hi, I have a Yamaha mg12ux usb mixer, connected to my DAW using the windows Steinberg USB driver. Problem is I can only see 2 inputs on the vst connections on cubase, (MG-UX-1 and 2).
I’ve seen videos where users see all physical inputs of the Yamaha mixer on the vst connections as inputs. I’ve tried different drivers and procedures but nothing. Im running cubase 10.5 on a Windows 10, all set to 64 bit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Are you sure it was this mixer? As far as I know these mg series mixers only provide 2 inputs/outputs over USB. So what you see in vst connections is right.

But I may be wrong.

Hi, wow I might be wrong in the video I watched then. So the mg12ux will only provide 2 input Chanels on the vst connections via usb ? Most likely ? So you know of one that will provide more than 2 via usb. There is a usb button on the mixer and a whole procedure on the mixer side to rout or group Chanel’s to usb. I will have to fun out about what u mentioned. Thnx

Just checked the manual. It looks like it only allows you to record the stereo out.

There are mixers that allow you to record individual channels. But it all depends on what kind of usb interface is provided by manufacturer. Google multitrack mixers.

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