Can´t see my samples through the Cubase explorer


I´m very new at cubase (i starting right now), so i hope someone can help me.

Everytime i go to the right zone in cubase - Media, and i try to explore mi samples i can´t see them (they are stored in my SSD, in the mac)
The explorer only show me Folders, but none samples. So everytime i have to use the finder to choose samples, but i can´t pre-listen them by this way.


Hi and welcome,

Open MediaBay window (F5). On the left side, go thru the File Browser tree to find the folder, where are your samples stored. Enable the folder to be scanned by clicking to the small square on the left side.

Hi & thanks for the quick reply.

Everything is selected in the mediabay, and there i can see and pre-listen the samples, BUT in the Right zone of cubase in the media rack i ONLY can see folders, not the samples.
Everytime i click in a folder (in the media rack), a a cube appears and dissapear, but No samples appears in the bottom of media rack.


(im using Mojave 10.14.06 & and last act of Cubase)


Do you have any filter set in the Right Zone MediaBay? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Problem Solved.

It´s something with display of the right window. Now i can see them, but feels strange, like a bug.


So my issue is the same, what did you do to fix it???
I was able to show the folders in the top box. However, I can only see MIDI files and not the wav or audio files. I’ve tried every setting I can think of for “ALL FILES” but it still only shows MIDI files. If I go back to the HOME screen and select Show All Items and All Media Types, I now see the wav/audio files fine and they audition fine… but they don’t show in any folders. When I go to the File Browser app, folders show fine but no audio files, only MIDI.
I need to use the folders I’ve set up for the audio files… why can’t I see them when I’m in the file browser?

I have the same problem in C11.0.10.

Interestingly everything works fine in C10. I can see the folders/files and play them.

Anyone found a solution yet?

I have the same problem in Cubase Artist

Does anyone have a fix?

I have same issue only with certain sample pack that I have on Cubase 11 other things work fine… I can’t even see these samples in cubase 11

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Yep, same for me here. Very annoying.

If you have the folder as a favorite, you can go to the File Browser, right click the favorite and select “Update Favorite”. Doing this made the samples show up for me.

Hi, I can’t see any option to update favourites.

Which version of Cubase are you using?

had the same problem, turns out if you hover over the area there’s a pull up tab that if you drag up will show the files below, for whatever reason it defaults to hidden. i cant show the before and after as it wont go back down but the samples are there