Can’t see or record guitar with UR-RT2

Hoping someone can help me out because I’m going crazy trying to figure this out. I haven’t touched Cubase in years and trying to re learn everything.

I’m using Cubase artist 10 on my MacBook with the UR-RT2. Cubase recognizes the interface for my ASIO. I plug my guitar into the interface and I can hear the guitar play through the monitors, however when I go record or even check the levels I get nothing. I’ve played around with different bus settings basically trying everything. I hope I’m just missing something really simple since I’m fairly new to this.

Also want to mention the same thing happened when I tried another interface, could here the guitars but couldn’t record or see any levels.

Hope you guys can help. Thank you

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach Audio Connections > Input Settings, please? And then the Project with the selected Audio track, and name tab opened, please?