Can´t see tracks in mixer? What about Stacs?

I have 2 main questions, maybe I´m missunderstanding their purpose:
1- Why only see 1 track in the Mixer? Isn´t supposed to show all tracks so that I can mix everything in that Window? Shouldn´t there also be a Metronome slot in the Mixer and Cue sends to route to different outs?
2- What is the purpose of Stacs? I tried to use them as a sort of FX send effect, add some inserts and add them to a track Send but doesn´t seem to work.


  1. I guess you are talking about the Songs Channel? All Songs Tracks are childs of the Song Channel. Press the “e” button of the Song Channel to have access to the channel rack (insert + sends slots) and to child channels
    Open the Metronome Module and activate the Metronome. Then you will see the Metronome channel (yellow) in the Mixer
    Press the “e” button of a Mixer channel to get access to the rack (insert + send slots)

  2. Stacks are the audio counterpart of Layers. The input could be a guitar or vocals. Check out the manual (page 49).

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Tracks are usually mixed to the bus (Group Channel) with the name of the Song. In the Mixer, klick the „e“ button to expand it and see individual channels. You can also edit each track channel in the TRACKs view using the Inspector (click blue „INSP“ button).

Stacks operate solely on the audio input at the top right. This is a submixer for guitar, vocals etc and changes per Part.
Global Fx etc can be created in the Mixer, add Groups and/or outputs, and use the „e“ button of each channel for inserts and sends. Stacks can not be used in the mixer, they process audio input and provide a resulting channel in the Mixer.

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wow, double support :slight_smile: thanks Micha!

great, thanks!
Yes I know you can mix tracks in the Tracks view but I would expect to see them also in the Mixer, it´s more useful.

thanks, I didn´t find the manual.
Would also be great to have some tutorials.


@diegoalejo15, tutorials are on their way :slight_smile:

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short question: can control lights but can’t sync video? there’s no video track?

manual can be found under the „Help“ menu (download).

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The PRO version features video tracks and up to 6 Video Views.

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experimenting I´m getting used to it, I´ve waiting for long for something like this…
Reading the manual I see that there is a marker track but when I click the “+” button I see all the other track types but not marker, what am I missing?
Is there a way to get the song stopped when it finishes playing the last audio file and advance to next song (like arranger track in Cubase)?

… “Marker Track”? In the manual? Can you tell please me the page? VST Live (VL) has a “Lyric Track”. Technically a Lyric Track is a Marker Track. But let’s call it Lyric. Btw, if you export your Cubase project, the first Marker Track will be used as a Lyric Track.
… you want an option that the TRACKS Module should stop when the last event (audio, midi, dmx, lyric, … ) was played? Sounds good. I have added it to the feature request list.
… there is already a request around that VL jumps to the next song when the current one has finished.

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thank you for posting the request.
Manual page 66: add track, there is a picture showing a marker track.
It would be a good idea to have it, specially cycle markers.

of course it´s a good idea to use lyric track as marker, thanks.

VL should jump to next song or just stop and wait for you to start it, you should have the choice.

There will be options soon for what should happen at the end of a Song.

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Once created , I’ve tried to change the order of the group tracks in the mixer, but does not look to be possible… also being able to give them a own colour would be nice ( like in Cubase). This would come handy if one wants to be able to control live the volumes of group channels with a midi controller, offcourse after having routed all songs send tracks to the the common group channels. Being able to send tracks or layers to multiple outputs would be the cherry on the cake (like cubase)

…is planned.

…is a bit tricky, as those colors are defined elsewhere (e.g. Layer input color).

Right. You can also assign channel actions to “Selected”, then it would be good to be able to sort those channels per Part and also use MIDI for channel selection (which is also possible now).

Not planned yet, one by one :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback.
I’m playing around with the best way to have midi interface control over the volumes from the tracks. I 'm trying to rout tracks to groups and routing groups to out. This gives me a permanent screenview with all out channels, while the groups keep changing with the parts. I just realize now that there is no scroll down possibility in the visibilty section when I make to many groups and out visible. See pics

… thank you. Fixed. Next update.