Can´t see tracks in mixer? What about Stacs?

I have been working on a desktop and a laptop and saving the test project in a usb mem stick. Somehow when opening the project in the laptop (after having saved the last version from the desktop, and vice versa) the links to the tracks are gone… see pic. Any quick way to solve this?
All files of the project including the MP3 originals are save in the usb mem

Close is exiting the program… guess is a bug

First, if the folder structure is the same as in the original location, it should work. If media (like audio) files are included in the project that reside elsewhere, it should also work if you copy those into the according folder (like “audio”) aside the project file.
Second, we added a function menu File/Save Archive…which copies all files used in the project and the project file itself to a new folder. So you could create a folder on your usb stick and point the Archive function there, and it should copy everything referenced there.

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I’ll check the archive function… all other stuff is in the usb stick, folder structure files etc

I’m having trouble also with the midi learn of the mixer. I keep assigning all volume channels to sliders and mute to buttons. Pan does not work for the nanokontrol 2. After having all assigned the way I want, I check the actions channel and save it. Later when I reopen the project all learn assignments are gone and when I check the actions channel I see only channel 18 (see pict). When I try to load the volumersliders as saved before nothing happens. Is it me? or maybe a bug?

What exactly do you mean by that?

That would certainly be wrong. Do you have a project where those assignments should be saved? Just the vlprj file is sufficient, thanks.

On the 1st part, when activating the learn function in VST nanokontrol2 does not react to the Pan.
On the 2nd part, I’ll attach the project file and the mixer file.
Thanks in advance

I have been reading and re-reading your comment but I cannot follow your thoughts… The idea behind is to route all tracks from all songs within one project to 8 group channels. These channels are fixed and named according to fix instrument names. I’d like to be able to control the volumes of these 8 group channels at any time, meaning not being depending on any specific layer or specific song. So far I have created 8 group channels in the mixer and routed all tracks accordingly. The 8 group channels are routed to the stereo out. Then I activated the learn function and assigned by touch all sliders on my nanokontrol2 . This works and I can see at the actions window in the channel overview that all sliders have a full assignment. Unfortunately these assignments do not hold… after reloading the order of the groups change (this is a bug according to Spork) and consequently the midi cc assignments are also lost. Sorry for the long story , but how am I supposed to organize the workflow and achieve external control of the mixer groups volume? Thanks

Sorry, it may be confusing.
First off, channel ordering is in the making and when done, you can change the order of channels and it will be remembered.
What I meant is a different feature: As the Actions also allow for selecting a channel with remote buttons, you can select a specific channel and then use the same controls for each channel, like a digital mixer usually does, one set of controls for all channels.

That one I don’t understand. I can see in your project and actions Volume assigned to channel 8, and Solo assigned for channel 1. Both work when I re-learn thjose to my controllers.

Thanks for the files!

Oh I see what you mean… it is still a 2 step procedure in this way, first selecting the midi channel and then controlling it. I’d like to be able to control the volume/pan/mute/solo of 8 channels without any prior selection. I would assign all 8 sliders and 24 buttons exclusively for this purpose. This for live control of backing tracks, routed into 8 group tracks…
In cubase I have the nanokontrol2 script programmed in that way… works fantastic.

The problem might be on my side as the cc allocation of the nanokontrol2 could be conflicting with the transport script in VSTlive, or whatever… not the easiest controller to play with. I’ll have to look more carefully into this once the groups order is fixed and held… to be continued

I have played around with the archive function and it looks great!
I’ve noticed that VSTlive limits the type of audio files it can import into a project. I love to work with ogg and flac but thats a no go for the moment. Is it going to stay like this?

The other thing I have noticed is that all mp3 files will be converted to .wav (as in cubase). This has pro’s and con’s … on the con’s a setlist with 30 songs, each song 8 backing tracks will get easily in the Gigabytes scenario, so I’m wondering what happens to the loading time of a project as all .wav files are collected in the audio/gig subdirectory ?
Last one on this audio backing tracks topic, is how much tempo variation will VSTlive allow without changing the pitch of the audio track, if I need to change the tempo of a song during a gig? Does it work like Cubase? I could not test this yet due to the tap tempo freeze issue

We’ll add at least flac support later.

Converting “on the fly” just eats too much performance, .wav files are uncompressed.

Well, you need sufficient disk space but that should not really be a big problem in the 21st century, or? To archive or copy etc you can use regular zip functions, it works quite well on single tracks such as vocals etc.

None so far, VST Live features no timestretch or pitchshift for audio yet.