Can’t select drop down menu settings on Dorico iPad

I can’t select any drop down menu items in Dorico iPad settings. When I tap a drop down menu, it just gets darker, and the app stops responding completely. If I then switch away from Dorico and switch back to it, it shows the big D as if it’s loading again, and I can interact with it.

Dorico iPad on an iPad Air 5th gen running 15.6.1

before tap

after tap

You should hopefully find that if you tap away from the drop-down menu and then tap it a second time, it will open as expected. However, this workaround may not work on all types of iPad.

We have (finally) fixed this long-standing problem in our development builds, and this fix will be included in the next update for Dorico for iPad when it arrives.

Nope, tapping away does not work. As described in my initial post, the interface just goes completely non-responsive. It only responds again after I switch away, then switch back and it reloads.

Looking forward to the fix! Thanks.