Can´t set a new path in Vst Plug-ins, cubase 5

I updated my vst Ezdrummer, superior, ezplayer 64-bit. I made a mistake to manually move the .dll from Program map to the VstPlugin map inside Cubase 5. I can now see that the .dll I replaced has not updated the drums, I still have an old version.
I uninstalled Ezdrummer and installed it again and this time I tryed to set a path in Vst Plug-ins to the new update but nothing happens. I still have the old update.
I press Vst 2.x plug-in Path, press add, choose the map and then press ok. I press Update button but I still have the old update!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!


Re-start Cubase.

Thanks for the reply.
I close down cubase and start it up right after I choose the map in Vst plug ins but it doesn´t work. Still the same old ezdrummer.

Try this.

Uninstall Ez/Superior Drummer etc…
Manually remove all the associated .dlls to them
Start Cubase and update plugin information.
Re-install. if the plugs are x64, choose the path to the VSTPlugins folder during the install process (better to do that than to copy the .dlls there later).
(I personally reboot here again, but I’m paranoid) :slight_smile:
Start Cubase up and update the plugin info.

That may work. It sounds like the steps you were taking weren’t clearing the old version effectively.


Thank you John.
I followed the way to uninstall and install. The weird problem occure when I install the 64-bit updater and choose VstPlugin. What happens is that the ezdrummer.dll ends up without a map in the program map. I have no choice but to copy the .dll and put it into a VstPlugin map.
Then when I update I see the old ezdrummer V

I think I need to reinstall cubase 5. Something is wrong with the way cubase handling the .dll
It shouldn´t end up in the program map, because if I set path to the whole program map, the cubase 5 freeze!

Anyway I preciate the well written steps to go when I install this.