Can’t use side chain with non local plug ins

Hi everyone, I have cubase 10.5PRO, and I been trying to do side chain with plug ins like “Buster se from Analog Obsession” and I couldn’t find this orange button “side chain” on all of my plugins (all of them are vst3 meant to work with side chain). The only plug ins that shows me this little orange button are the local plug ins from cubase like the normal compressor. Please I need someone to tell me how to solve this. I can see tutorials of people using this same plug ins in another DAW and the plug ins works perfectly.

Thank you

Hmm, no problem here (with C12):

When you write “all of my plugins”, what exactly does that mean? Not all plugins support side chaining.
BusterSE does though, so it should work…
Have you made sure you really installed the vst3 files, or maybe have the vst2 installed, too?

You could try starting in safe mode and see whether that makes a difference:

Thank you very much for your help. I just sort it out, the problem was that I had both of them installed, vst2 and vst3. I just re install just vst3 and it works perfectly. Thank you!