Can’t use Spectralayers One in 11.0.30. CB 11.0.20 is fine

Since the last update any time i try and open Spectralayers it opens at the very bottom of my screen. All i can see it the top bar and a small section of the main window. No way to move it. It causes screen corruption within the main CB window at the same time. It seems to be causing CB to resize its self and goes right off my screen.
This is happening on two separate installs of Cubase Pro 11. I’ve reinstalled SP twice but it doesn’t make any difference.
Windows 10. All up to dates, inc Nvida drivers.

This seems to be connected

Cubase 64bit 2021.7.10 (833.6 KB)

IF i do mange to get the window larger the contents dont fill it

sorry it was wrong to answer him again
should know it better

First of. Thants for the rude reply, total waste of time but if it makes you feel good then go for it.
Clicking the arrow does nothing. You think i haven’t tried this? I clearly stated in my first post this is only happening since the last CB update, and why do i need to use a separate window? I haven’t in the past. Maybe you need to look in the manual.

Secondly, i am using HDPI but it makes no difference if its on or off.

So are you saying the first screen shot is fine? If so why does part of the SL window drop to the bottom of my screen. How am I supposed to move it up? Where is the arrow in that shot?
So the second screen shot showing how a lot is missing is also ok?

And this is my fault for not reading something?

Ok, so i set CB to open the editors in a window rather than the lower half.
Here’s what i get.
So what am I doing wrong?

The first step in troubleshooting anything in Cubase is starting with prefs disabled. Has this been done?

Reinstalling is not a primary troubleshooting step.

Yes, ive done that. ive had to as CB keeps crashing after each time i try and use SL.
As i said, its happening with both my installs of CB under separate Windows installs.
The window is opening as if it was 3 or 4 monitors long.
SL is working fine outside of CB as a stand alone. in fact other than the screen issue SL is doing what its supposed to.
i am getting a few graphics2.dll issues now, but all related to the above issue.

It’s not really clear what is going on. You mention several systems, but your profile doesn’t list anything in that regard, so little can be surmised about what’s happening.

The thing to do is to find what is common to all the machines you mention.

A more extreme step is to rename the User Settings folder to initialize Cubase completely. Are you familiar with this step, and/or have you done that?

I have two instals of Windows 10 in my PC. One for general use, but with CB installed, and one just for running CB with the bare minimum of other programs installed. I’m getting this issue with both, been seeing it over the past week or so since i needed to use SL1, but I’m not going to be jumping back and forth. Just using my my Cubase instal so just basing all this on that instal.
I am familiar with renaming the settings etc, but again, i cant see how two install could need this.
The reason I’ve installed SL1 again is because the CB update was the turning point for me not having it functioning properly, and so i figured a re fresh might help. It didnt.

Since my last post ive had other issues, which ended up with me having to in install the ASIO driver completely. This got corrupt, i assume with the multiple crashes i was having related to SL, and was causing strange behaviour in CB. Again, just on the one install.
I have CB back up and running, and SL not, so ill leave it there.

I appreciate you trying to help, but I believe its a bug as SL shouldn’t be opening this large. It never used to. I’m not going to spend more time on it. Its definitely not a settings issue, and i don’t want to mess about with an otherwise perfectly working system.

This explains the new issue if you are interested.
Different install of W10, different GPU, discerns version of Cubase etc.

Getting this all the time on any event that’s had Spectralayers applied. Cubase is crashing my graphics driver.

Cubase 64bit 2021.7.11 (949.3 KB)

Quick update to this.
I’ve installed CB Pro 11.0.20 and this issue has gone away.
So IMO there is a bug in 11.0.30. Nothing else changed on either of my Windows system other than i went back to a previous version of CB.

Hi , I’ve the same results : bug display with 11.0.30 and ok with 11.0.20 …

Steinberg are aware of this issue and are working on it. Seeing as how long we wait for each update i dont think it will be fixed for a few months.
A work around is to disable HiDPI, but this only works for new instances of SL, it wont help with any existing instances.
I prefer to just use 11.0.20 rather than cripple the whole display.

A quick question about this bug.
I’m assuming it will be fixed in a free update, and not in 11.5 which I’m guessing will cost money?