can`t we use 32bit plugins in cubase 9 ?

hello im a user of cubase 8.5 now im thinking about upgrade to cubase 9
however, i heard that cubase 9 doesn`t work 32 bit plugins…
is it real fact true ??

Yes true. I use jbridge for the few 32 bitters I still have. Still, I got 9 cheap and unless you want the sampler track, just stay on 8.5.

Jbridge is cheap and working well with Cubase 9…

Cubase 9 is more stable and the new mixer undo works really well. I would say that these two things alone are worth the 99 bucks, and there’s a lot of other new stuff:

Ok I forget about mixer undo. And I just used it lol. 8.5 was stable for me too.