Can text frames be made opaque?

I am finishing a score which has an organ improvisation of indeterminate length in the middle. I know the first chord and the last, and I want to indicate the improv and the next conductor cue somewhere in the middle.

If I were using another engraving software of which we will not speak, I would put an opaque text box in the middle of a blank measure with the text “organ improv – go to F on conductor cue.”

What’s the best and easiest way to accomplish this?


Alternatively, can I break a music frame in the middle of a bar?

Yes you can – make sure your preference is set to allow breaks within bars, then input a frame break at the required position, and adjust frames as needed. If you need the same pattern of frames on multiple pages, create a custom page template (to save you making the same frame adjustments multiple times).


There it is; I knew I had seen John accomplish this somewhere.
Since you’ve been so helpful so far, here are some follow-up questions:

• I have two music frames now, sourced from one bar. How can I suppress the second frame’s instrument names, key signature, and left-hand barline?
• (How) can I propagate these formatting changes into the parts?

Many thanks!