Can the key editor restrict an instrument's range?

It has been decades since I’ve taken a scoring class in jr college and my knowledge of any particular instrument’s range has long been forgotten.

Question: When I assign a Midi track to play a viola, violin or bassoon is there any way to restrict or assign that instrument’s range (in the key editor) so that I’m not playing something that’s not in its natural range?


No, sorry, this is not possible.

When Martin says so it’s most likely he’s right.
But I have two options for you that might be a possible work-around:

  1. You could restrict your instrument to do so: go to for example halion and look at the MIDI Page (the third next to load and edit) there you can specify the range for every channel ie for every instrument you load - just set your lowest and highest key
  2. in the key editor: not when you record but after you recorded: go to inspector in the key editor>select all the notes that you want it to work for> open the transpose tab> check keep notes in range and set your range like you want to> click apply > all the notes are now in the range that you selected.
    Maybe that helps… Cheers


These are good tips. Unfortunately none of them show the range visually.

You can do so in the Drum Editor. You can prepare your own map, where you would use just the Notes in the Range. Then you can shift all notes out of interest up or down, so they are not visible. And you can name just the effective notes, so you can see it easily. I made DrumMaps Creator software, where you can prepare these maps by your own.

Sorry for an advertisement…

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I like your 1st recommendation. Since I’ll be doing this mostly with Halion that seems like a good start.

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Some years ago I was writing a bunch of vocal parts. Cubase uses Channel Number to distinguish voices in the Score Editor, so in the Key Editor if I set the colors to Channel, then I could see each line - the bass was red notes, tenor blue, etc. Then I took some little colored office stickers and stuck them along the edge of my monitor to indicate each voice’s range. When I first opened the Key Editor I’d need to align it to the range stickers. Dumb maybe, but it pretty much worked. However I just now saw a Feature Request in my near future.

I found an old pic showing this, sadly without the Key Editor Window open

Use an expression map and set the highest/lowest range to be the highest/lowest notes you want to play. Then if you hit any note that is higherlower than that the instrument range the midi sent to it will only be the highest/lowest note in the range.

In my search for an orchestra library I came across East West Symphonic Orchestra and when you select an instrument it will highlight the keys on their interface (VSTI) with that instruments “playable” notes.