Can the Logical Editor Find the First Note in a Series of Repeated Notes?


As I mentioned above, I have a series of repeated notes. They are all the same pitch and the same length. Sometimes there are 24 of them and sometimes 48 and sometimes more or less. They can start on any beat of the measure. These are a drum roll from Sibelius.

Ideally, I’d like to select the first note, delete the other and then lengthen the first note to be as long as all the repeated notes summed. I realize that may be a large request, so I can do it in pieces, if it all possible.

So far I am able to select all of the notes in each series. Then from those selected, I don’t know if it is possible to delete all but the first note selected.

Is this at all possible?

Thank you.

Can you post the LE Preset you have that selects the entire sequence.

Duhhh, haven’t made coffee yet.

Use a Macro for this which:

  1. Executes your LE Preset to select the notes
  2. Executes the command Edit>Glue

This will make one long note out of all the shorter notes. No need to delete the repeats and lengthen the first.


This is just perfect! I really appreciate you taking the time to post an answer - the right answer! You’ve saved me countless hours of work and frustration.

Thank you so much.