Can the render in place reinterleave two mono files?

I use Cubase almost exclusively to import .omf files from Premiere to mix for television.

The music always comes in from the .omf as two mono files that I have to pan either all the way to the left or to the right. And I’ve always had to make make sure I work with both tracks equally, so I don’t screw anything up.

Nuendo has a feature to simply reinterleave the files (from the right-click context menu), but can the new “Render in Place” accomplish the same thing? That is, turn two mono files that were once stereo, back into a stereo file—properly panned?

I’ve been asking Steinberg for this feature for years.

Thanks in advance. And I do plan on getting 8 anyway soon, but wanted to know if anyone’s tried this.

Darn straight! Just select the two files and choose to make one file in the RIP options!

Thank you, enjneer.

That’s great to hear. I’ve been waiting for this feature for so long.

Hope to upgrade next week.

No problem!
It’s really just a simplified bounce. It isn’t instant, that’s for sure. But it’s a great improvement over batch export.

I was expecting this for too long too…
But I would like to have it in the other way too: export a stereo file to 2 mono tracks…
And with RIP, would be nice to have an option to render it to mono too…


My solution to this (which I use mostly for 4 channel files, LRCS) is to open the Audio folder, drag/drop the files into Cubase so they’re re-imported, and when the Import Options window pops up I select Split Channels.

Note that the ImportOptions window only appears if you have the preferences set to make it appear and the audio file isn’t already in the Pool. I.e. it has to be a new audio file you’re importing, not already in the project. You may therefore need to use a new project.


Gotta +1 this too - just need two extra radio buttons in the RiP Setup window;

  1. De-interleave to separate mono files
  2. Render to one mono file

or something like that…

Thought I’d bubble this up with my own findings.

This doesn’t work at all like the “reinterleave” file function In Nuendo. I am still required to pan the mono files properly to left and right, and if I don’t extend them, I lose the padding the .omf file gave me.

Re-interleave took the audio from the omf and made a proper file, with tails in one-click. This takes several steps to complete.

Oh well, I bought the upgrade but I don’t think it was worth it. Don’t like the window management either. Preferred the workspace form of Windows. This feels like when I had to use Nuendo on a Mac (which I never liked.)

That would be an excellent feature.

Like I said, RIP feature is a glorified Batch Export. It’s better, but would prefer it more… Offline?