Can the Sample Editor affect just one section of an audio file and not the whole thing?

Hi there,

Maybe there’s answer out there somewhere but I’ve never been able to find it online.

I want to be able to take an audio file, use the scissors to cut out a section and use the sample editor for JUST THAT SECTION and not affect the rest of the file. For instance, I’ll have duplicated an audio file and click musical mode and it will have applied musical mode on ALL the tracks that use that audio file and I don’t want it to.

Right now, I’m working on a song that has a tempo change towards the end and I want to test out going 2/3 bpm quicker then what it already is (where that tempo change is) - so I’ve cut all the audio files where I want the change in tempo and click musical mode to apply to tempo changes and it applies to ALL of the track.

One more example where this can be useful is creating hamornies. Say a vocal track has a vocal lick, I want to be able to cut that part out, duplicate it and create a harmony using Vari Audio over the top of the original. But as soon as I make a change it affects the original. My work around right now is hoping the singer does it again in the song and using that part. That’s quickest way I can do it without the idea flying out my head again.

I understand I can re bounce each part and re-name the audio file (that’s important) and put them in again. But that sucks.

Thanks guys, rant over. Plz help me Steinberg.

No… it never affects the original, it always creates new files in the edit folder… it’s non destructive editing by default.
It only overwrite the existing files if you make the DOP permanent.
The problem is that the edited version is linked in all instances… I guess you clicked a checkbox once and now it’s set.
The dialogue box should state something like this:
“what to do if audio material is used many times in the project? Make a new copy or apply to all used?”
And there was a checkbox like: “Don’t ask again?”

Ahhhh thank you. So it is possible! Yeah that makes sense now. If I’ve already select don’t copy or whatever that project / file is there a way to reverse it?

Appreciate your help dood.

Check the manual on Processing Shared Clips.