Can this be done in WL?

I have 10 audio files created in Cubase and now I want to master them in WaveLab. But it’s really important to me, that the original file is left unchanged, so I just drag them one by one into WL. In WL I cut them and run them through some plug-ins and finally I render them to separate folders for waw’s and mp3. How can I save the WL set-up so the changes I made to the master waw’s is saved as a project I can open again without saving all the edits to the original file?
To me it’s important that I can reopen the Cubase project for every song and make edits knowing that the audio-file is actually the original.
Does this sounds completely foolish?
I think it’s important to have ONLY the bounced file from Cubase itself and the 2 mastered files otherwise I can very quickly loose the overview of the project.

Just use the montage. Import all 10 files as separate clips. Split the clips and/or fade however you like - all editing is non-destructive and will not affect the original files. Put whatever effects you want on each clip (the montage allows for clip FX that only affect a particular clip, track effects that only a affect a particular track, and master FX that affect everything). When you’re finished, render however you like.

+1 on the montage.

It is non-destructive so it won’t alter your original files. If you have to change your mix in Cubase, save a new stereo WAV of your mix and use the Replace File feature in the montage to load in the new mix. If you are careful with the start/end times of your rendered mixes from Cubase this will be a painless process.

I use version numbers for my source files and montage files to easily keep track of everyone. V1, V2, V3 etc.

If you are sure you never want to go backwards, you can always overwrite the stereo WAV from Cubase with the same name and when you open the montage file in WaveLab, it will reference the new mix WAV file.

The Efx that you add to clips and tracks will be saved when you save the Montage but if you want to save any plugins that you used on the Master Section simply select the Star icon on the bottom right corner of the montage and select Save Master Section Preset. When you need to recall the preset, just open the Montage and select Load Master Section Preset.

To add to the previous: Or, to keep it al in one montage file, put the FX for the whole in the ‘Montage Output’ section. You could say it’s a separate master section that’s part of the montage itself.

+1 Million for the Montage Output section.

I had a hard time with WaveLab 7 because the global master section had to be used and you had to save and restore the master section separately from opening/saving the montage for the most part. My brain didn’t care for that as it’s too easy to be forgetful, or be paranoid you didn’t do something correctly.

So, I LOVE that the montage output section was added for WaveLab 8. This way all your plugins are stored in the .mon file, no chance for human error and it makes life easier.

Justin, I agree with you 100%. In my case, when I use the External hardware plugin for the analog chain, I have to use the Master Section since I can’t use the external hardware plugin on the Montage output, AFAIK


Yes. It is unfortunate that a few plugins are only available in the global master section but I’ve figured out a workflow to get around it so for me, I only use the global master section for my Clarity M plugin in the playback processing slot.

I guess with my workflow and the way my brain works, I need something where all the plugins are stored in the session. Period.