Can two UR44 work together on the same driver in Cubase 10 Artist?

I have UR44, and recently bought Cubase 10 Artist, and need more input channels? Is there any possibility to run two UR44 on the same driver in Cubase 10 Artist, so I can record 6 mic’s at once?

Not with the native driver. You could possibly succeed by using the ASIO4ALL driver or on Mac by creating an Aggregate Device, but then you would not have the UR44 dsp controls inside Cubase any more.

Probably it would be cheaper and easier to buy a stereo preamp and plug it into the inputs 5 and 6 of the UR44.

The right way to do this, is to buy a card that have the right amount of inputs. Adding a stereo preamp will not seperate the microphone on different tracks if that is what you want. There are numerous amounts of cards on the market. It is only a question how deep you can dig in your pocket to buy the one that is perfect for you.

A two channel preamp with individual outputs per channel, plugged into individual channels on the UR device of course could be routed as separate channels.


I dont think you can connect two or more UR44’s together… Not on a Windows computer anyway? Well… So, it would be better to buy the UR824 if you want more “Mic Inputs” to connect more microphones and to record them simultanously… I’ve had the UR44 for many years and it’s a nice, sturdy little unit for the “pro home users”. But it’s limited of course… Although it’s very good imo for what it can do and very stable too! However, you can connect outboard gear to it (1-2?) but it wont provide more I/O’s unless theres a way I don’t know of, of course… But with the UR824 you’ll have at least 8 Mic/Line Inputs and still can use the internal dsp effects (reverb, EQ, compressor, etc) if you want (same as on the UR44). Plus you can easily extend the UR824 by hooking up more of them together or for example hooking up a cheaper one like this ADDA converter that will provide additional 8 Mic/Line Inputs & Line Outputs:
That way you would get 16 I/O’s altogether… Then you can hook up yet Another of that Behringer to get 24 I/O’s! :slight_smile: But I just do that to be able to connect more outboard gear in my home studio setup… Not because I want to record more microphones simultaneously…

It all depends on what you want to do really!? But I don’t know a way to use more than one UR44 at the same time so buying another UR44 wouldn’t be a good thing imo… But I might be wrong, I’m not that technical really…

//Many Regards from Robin Gardner.

except he already has the UR44