Can u lower the lowest octave in the key editor to C-3

Is it possible to adjust/lower the lowest octave in the key editor (Cubase5) so that the lowest octave is C-3 instead of the factory C-2???

I just have to ask…why?

I’m trying to send midi signals to my DMX controller to trigger automated lights with our show. It seems that my Elation DMX Operator Pro starts the note chain at C-3, so i’m missing the 1st bank of signals. I discovered this by using my keyboard to trigger the DMX controller at 1st, and it starts at C-2 also. I cannot access the 1st bank of triggers as a result.

Truth be told, i haven’t been able to get any of the chain between Cubase5 and the DMX working so far. I can’t seem to trigger anything with Cubase at all. If you know anybody who may be of assistance I would be forever greatful :smiley:


Are you sure about that?.. “C-2” corresponds with MIDI note #0… there’s no MIDI note “#-1”, and certainly no MIDI note “#-12” (which is, logically, what “C-3” would be :wink: ).
Even allowing for the fact that some manufacturers reference middle c (MIDI note #60) as “C3”, as do Steinberg, others reference it as “C4” (making MIDI note #0 “C-1”, not “C-3”).

Anyways, let’s presume that the DMX references middle c as C4, so try offsetting accordingly (but in the other direction :wink: )

You need midi note numbers 23 to 34…

Sorry for the confusion folks. My computer/electronics speak isn’t the greatest :blush:

Here is my ‘logic’ (if there is any). My DMX controller (Elation DMX Operator Pro) uses Midi Notes 23-88 only. Using my Ensoniq keyboard i can trigger the DMX note numbers 35 and up (my keyboard’s lowest note is C-2), so i’m assuming if my keyboard went an octave lower (starting at C-3) i would be able to trigger Midi Notes 23-34 as well on the DMX controller. I’m also assuming the same logic can be used with Cubase because its keyboard editor only starts at C-2.

Problem is, at present I’m unable to trigger anything using Cubase. I originally hooked up the Ensoniq just to check whether i was sending any midi info at all with Cubase…and the keyboard responded perfectly to the programmed Midi. I then hooked the keyboard directly into the DMX controller to check whether it was set up properly, and the keyboard was able to trigger the DMX controller, as explained above.

So the main problem apparently is, Cubase isn’t sending the correct info to the DMX controller. I’m not sure what the difference is between a midi note sent by my keyboard, and one sent by Cubase.

I’d be happy to hear any thoughts pertaining to anything i’ve written, and if anyone knows anyone who may be able to add something, i would be eternally greatful!!!

In Preferences>Event Display>MIDI>Note Name Style, set it to “MIDI and Value”, then record the bottom note from your Ensoniq, then look at it in the List Editor… if it is anything like my Ensoniq SD-1, it will read “C1/36”. (when you write, that your keyboard’s lowest note is “C-2”, it would seem that you consider middle C to be C0, when in fact it is C3).

I don’t know anything about musical theory Vic, and so don’t consider middle C to be anything. I’m going by the setting in my Ensoniq Halo (preset edit) which says the lowest key i can program my keyboard to start at is C-2, which is where i have this piano patch set to.

However this does raise a new issue…Cubase shows that its recieving midi signal from my keyboard (MidiInActivity bar on the transport lights up), but i can’t record anything on the midi track to test what you suggested below. Maybe this is set up wrong also??

So, the MIDI is arriving o.k. The MIDI track is Record~and Monitor-enabled, and the track’s MIDI Input is set to the Ensoniq Halo?
And nothing is filtered out in Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Filter>Record?
(btw, can you post your system specs, please… it does help :wink: )

K. After speaking to Steinberg support they had me rebuild Cubase because apparently something was corrupt. I can now recognize my Halo and input notes. According to the list editor the Halo’s bottom-most note is C1 - C1 corresponds to Note #37 in the DMX unit - so i now have the correct range.

HOWEVER, I still cannot send proper midi commands with Cubase to the DMX unit. I tried entering notes on every line in the key editor, but nothing registers in the DMX. Clearly i am missing something…either a CC command or something attached to the midi notes…something my Halo sends automatically when i press the key, but isn’t sent automatically from Cubase