Can UR28m be used on Monterey?

it can be used on Monterey after updated from big sur ?
in Big Sur, we know, UR28m driver can be installed.
and then, update to Monterey, is it worked?

I use it on Monterey with a M1 processor without major problems. Sometimes when I listen music outside cubase it freeze the computer and restarts but this happened also on Big Sur

Hey thank you for reply.
Did you installed its driver on Big Sur first and update to Monterey?
Or installed it on Monterey?

I had Big Sur with the driver installed, than Monterey launched, updated and after a few weeks a new version of the driver launched and updated.

I got a M1Pro and installing the driver on Monterey is a bit of a pain.
You have to boot the machine and hold the power button, goto options and then lower the security level of Mac OS then reboot.
Install the plugin, don’t touch anything and reboot then allow it in security preferences.
Unfortunately when reverting back to Mac OS default security level via the boot sequence the UR28M becomes undetectable.

Solution, start the UR28M up in Class Compliant (check the manual ) and just use it without the need for drivers. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply!
I need the driver to use its spdif.

Can I use the driver If I lower the security level of macOS Monterey?
I don’t care security level.

Yes you can.