Can UR44 audio processing be turned off?

hello! i have a UR44 which i use as the main audio out on my computer, using powered stereo speakers. i play Rocksmith (latest version) and have noticed some audio lag and distortion while playing the game. looks like the UR44 is causing the lag due to signal processing with the audio- ie, if i unplug the UR and use a pair of headphones while playing Rocksmith, the lag and distortion go away… link below explains this in detail.

is it possible to turn off or disable the processing that the UR44 (i’m assuming) does to the audio signal, so that it just passes the audio along without doing anything to it? i’m hoping this is an option so that i can easily switch whenever i play Rocksmith, that way i don’t have to remove the UR44 and put on headphones every time i play the game.

many thanks!


There is no processing happening unless the user sets it up. What you describe sounds like latency, which could be caused by too high a buffer setting for live playing.

So open dspMixFx UR44, click on the gear, and then on "control panel " to check the buffer size. Set it to the lowest value you can, while still being able to play with smooth sound.