Can UR44 be used with SawStudio?

I just got a UR44 USB interface to use with my laptop. My DAW host of choice is SawStudio, which has served me excellently for years with various audio intefaces from RME, MOTU, and Presonus. I am able to play audio from Foobar2000 through the UR44. SawStudio, however, does not see the UR44, and next to the ASIO driver option selection shows the message {unrecognized data format}.

Again, no other interface I have used has any trouble at all with SawStudio. Is there any way at all to fix this??

BTW, I am running XP on this machine, and see no reason to “upgrade” from there. All of my other audio tools play with XP just fine.

I have since learned that SawStudio accepts the following data formats:


Why does the UR44 driver not do any of these, and is there any way to fix that?