Can UR44 charge Ipad battery while connected ?

Can UR44 charge Ipad battery while connected ?

seems its not possible !?
if its possible to add charging iPad while connected to UR44 in next update it would be great, as i use it with long sessions and battery power runs out !

I would also like to know the answer to this question as I have just purchased Cubasis and am looking at also purchasing the UR44.

Cheers. John

Also interested :slight_smile:

Nope. To use UR44 with an iPad you need an apple USB camera adaptor/camera connection kit. There is currently no way to charge an iPad while using this adaptor - and this goes for any interface, not only the UR44.

To charge, the UR44 would need to be MFi (made for iphone) licensed and unless they are hiding some secret hardware functionality in the UR44, device charging cannot be added in a firmware update.

Hi all.

Does anybody know, if it´s possible to load the ipad connected to a powered usb hub?

ipad - USB camera adapter - usb-hub - UR44


For my disappointment the UR28M audio interface is not charging the iPad while using with Cubasis.
Any workaround to this issue? This is a must have feature as the interface has enough power to supply energy to iPad.

Please Steinberg

The USB3 Camera connection kit has a USB connector and a lightening connector. You can plug the ipad charger in at the same time as the UR interface.