can UR44 power on batteries or in car ?

Well its sounds like an odd Question but there are cases in nature or when no power is present performing/recording acoustic instruments or nature itself :slight_smile:

This is why I have a Roland Duo Capture EX interface, it’s a solid little AA battery powered unit with halfway decent (i.e. quiet) phantom powered preamps. A basic feature set, but it’s in a compact steel casing and it works perfectly with Cubasis. I am completely 100% mobile with the Duo, Rode NT-1 mic, iPad Air and iRig mini keys in my backpack. Living in shared accommodation means restrictions on noise levels, but now I can take everything with me to a suitable recording space. So - not an odd question at all, and I can’t see any reason why the UR44 wouldn’t work with a 12V battery. In theory it should be a less noisy power source as compared to a mains adaptor, but that may be dependent on the presence of possible earth loops in the signal path. My ideal version of the UR44 would accept a voltage range from 5V to 12V, allowing the use of a high current portable USB backup battery with a suitable DC plug adaptor. And the addition of a USB host port for MIDI controllers a la Apogee/Focusrite would be sweet - DIN cables are SO last century! Still, it’s great to have an ever-expanding choice of interfaces, so I’m not complaining too loudly :wink:

i could buy the portable zoom devices but this is not my main application to record on the fly, but there are some occasions when power outlet may not present.
but i think a good battery 12v set should be ok.(depends how much its gonna last) and also from 12v car power or adapter.

Yes - input voltage is 12V DC. The mains adapter just converts the mains AC to 12V DC.