Can VariAudio transfer timing of legato curve "slide" to another voice?

Hi -

I’ve got two sung voices, doing harmonies roughly a third octave apart, and at one point each slides down about a third octave from one static held note to another. The duration of the slide is about a quarter note long or so, i.e., it’s not a discrete quantum drop in the note.

I’m looking for a complete match of the timing of the notes sliding down between the two voices.

We’re good on the “anchor” points of the fixed notes at the top and bottom of the slide being spot on in timing, but the way the slides are occurring are a little different between the two voices, despite practicing that.

Any suggestions please? Can VariAudio copy the slide curve between the two anchor notes from one voice and apply it to another?

If not, is there some “cc type” pitch curve I can draw/copy/paste between the two voices? Or any other ideas?

C12 Pro, W10, and otherwise per profile

Thank you!

PS: I have RevoicePro as well, am looking to see if I can do that there …


I haven’t tried this, but in theory… Could you export MIDI from the one voice, then transpose the MIDI Notes and let the other Voice be controlled from MIDI?

VariAudio can use the Pitch Bend for the glissandos.

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I’ll try that ^, thanks @Martin.Jirsak !

Could you elaborate further on that please … I’m not quite sure what you mean! :grinning: