Can vst bridged plugins be arrainged???


im just installing and setting up my 32bit vst plugins and instruments within VST bridge cubase 6 64 bit,i have just set the path to the Antress plugins folder but within cubase they arent in a folder they are everywhere when i go to select one as an insert.
i have got jbridge and when i use that they are in a folder but would preffer them to be bridged with vst bridge as it uses less system power.

i set the path in plugin info to the Antress folder but they show as single plugins in cubase not in a folder…can i access the bridged dlls and put them into a folder so they arent scatterd about …bit stumped?


Hi, I’m not totally sure, but I think you’ll need to go to devices, plugin information, then setup a new path to the folder with the 64bit JBridge plugins. (First post so I hope it’s ok) :slight_smile:

i can get them to work with jbridge no probs what your saying is right,i had all of them in a folder i created that way…but i want to use the vst bridge instead but when i do they are all seperate.?

Not sure if I understand your question. But, if what you want to do is sort them by name go to preferences then to VST plugins…Check the box Sort vst plugin menu by vendor…

Here’s what I wrote in another thread:

I use 3 VST top-level paths to organize my plugins.

Cubase 64 uses VST_Plugins_64bit_only and VST_Plugins_32_64
Cubase 32 uses VST_Plugins_32bit_only and VST_Plugins_32_64

So if a VST comes with both a 32-bit dll and a 64-bit dll they go in VST_Plugins_32bit_only and VST_Plugins_64bit_only respectively.

If a plugin only has a 32-bit dll and that dll works fine in Cubase 64 it goes in the VST_Plugins_32_64

If a plugin only has a 32-bit dll, but it needs to be JBridged to work in Cubase 64, then the dll goes in VST_Plugins_32bit_only and the JBridged version (which references the 32-bit dll) goes in VST_Plugins_64bit_only

If I have a memory hogging VST that has a 64-bit dll, I can put the dll in Cubase 64 uses VST_Plugins_64bit_only and then put a JBridged verion (referencing the 64-bit dll) in the VST_Plugins_32bit_only and use it instead of the 32-bit dll for better memory allocation when running Cubase-32.

With this setup I can open my projects in either Cubase-32 or Cubase-64. Normally I use Cubase 64, but there are times when I need to use Cubase 32.

I use identical sub-folder structures under each so that they are organized properly in the menus.

What I didn’t expand on was the last sentence about subfolder structure. I actually have 6 paths not 3 as stated above to separate Instruments from plugins (i.e. VST_Plugins_32bit_only\instruments, VST_Plugins_64bit_only\instruments, etc.). Just my preference. So below instruments I would have the following subfolders: Drums, Synths, SamplerPlayers, Pianos, etc. These subfolders are identical across the 3 VST_Plugins_32bit_only\Instruments, VST_Plugins_32bit_only\Instruments and VST_Plugins_32_64\Instruments. This way my menus are all organized. No problems with whether they are bridged or not.

The only real issue are VST3s, which provide no mechinism for organizing.


Thats means one still yet has to purchase j bridge seperately , doesnt the c 6 vst bridge do it all , i thought was was sorted out long ago !!!

thanks i’ll check this.

Ron thanks for the tips i will follow your advice.sounds a bit like what im doing i have everything in their own folders inside cubase when using plugins…using jbridge the Antress plugins all sit in their own folder…using steinberg vst bridge they are just all seperate,this is the problem i have.

Their is no evidence of asio meter rising using the Antress plugins under jbridge…just jbridge will use resorses as its another program running…i must admit i have become a bit obsessed with power saving at the moment :ugeek: ,and im that tight with my ram i have 16gig of it but still setup custom servises (even though its not realy that necessary in this day and age)…ha ha ha.

if your interested im testing out the new beta version of jbridge.I just built a new DAW and after testing it all I started to install my programs back,I e-maild J to see if their were new versions he said that 1.4 was still his most currnet but asked me to try/test the beta and has e-maild it to me.i havent looked if its available on his site but he was quite keen for it to be tested (maybe ask him for a copy)…its so far very stable and running smooth (GUI especialy! no lag or glitches)…granted i dont use may vsts under jbridge as i can get a lot to work under steinys vst one…but its seems pretty good so far.

cheers again for the info guys