Can VST Connect 4 still be used?

I am collaborating with an artist and want to use VST Connect to record his parts into my Cubase sessions. My system is Windows 7 64bit running Cubase Pro 10.5. His system is Windows 10 64bit running Cubase Pro 11.

The last version of VST Connect that was compatible with Windows 7 was v4.00.20. So I downloaded the installer and it installed VST Connect Pro v4.0.43.320. The artist installed VST Connect Performer v4.0.43.320.

Both he and I were able to run the software and login. But when we tried to connect from within the VST Connect ‘Friends’ page, a pop-up message said “Someone is trying to connect to you but uses an incompatible version.”

Is what we’re trying to do impossible? I thought as long as we both use the same version of VST Connect, then it should work. Installing Windows 10 on my system to be able to run the latest version of VST Connect 5 is not an option.

It should work, but we can’t help with Windows 7.
You should be able to connect via the key code function though, give it a try.

Thanks for that advice. We’ll give it a try.

For anyone wanting to use VST Connect on a Windows 7 64bit system this info might be useful.

Connecting via the key code function did not resolve the problem.

I eventually succeeded in getting it to work. My original post contains some incorrect information. The installer for VST Connect Performer v4.0.20 does in fact install that version number, whereas the installer for VST Connect v4.0.20 actually installs version (public beta). It was this difference which resulted in the Steinberg ‘someone is trying to connect to you but uses an incompatible version’ message.

My collaborator is running Windows 10, so I asked him to install VST Connect Performer v4.0.44 instead of version 4.0.22. When he did that, we were able to successfully connect within the VST Connect 4 envionment.

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