Can VST Live show notation?

Hello, I work with some live musicians that need sheet music. I see VST Live can show lyrics and chords, and the comparison table says ’ notes’ . So can it show the right sheet music along with the song progression?

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Not yet. The notes is not sheetmusic it’s just notes where you can write something like „tell the drummer to be silent“ :sweat_smile:

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You can drop pictures into the “Notes” module if that helps.


Now Notes are glued to the Song. Is there any chance to have them with timecode? Let’s say player see the note when it should be (“kick the bass guitarist” at 2:35), then comes next note in the same song (“don’t breathe” at 2:58), but the first note still visible, but half grayed. I see it as a list of notes. The same WYSWIG editor for each note, but many notes in a song. If glued to part, then there could be an option - stick on part or song. It means if part’s start time will move, should the note move relatively or it stays in time where it was.
Should be this written as #feature-request ?

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Yes, we were thinking about this already.
Basically, you could also use the Lyrics track for that.
Assign Notes (page, section) to Part is a viable option, as you said it would scroll along and hilite the active part. It might also be controlled from the Tracks project (markers, like “next page”, “song end” etc). It should be simple and consistent though.


Notes assigned to parts and controlled from Tracks view! yes yes yes!

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