Can VST Live stop at Song ends and jump to next song?

I’ve searched the manual, but couldn’t find any clue on the maybe most important backing track playback functions. We use a Cymatic LP 16 and there you can set on each song three possible actions. Number 1 is mostly used: when a song ends it stops and jumps to the beginning of the next song and waites for a play button push. Number 2: when reaching the end the next song is loaded and plays immidiately. Number 3: when reaching the end it loads the next song and waites for a couple of seconds (you can specify the amount) and then starts to play it. If such settings are not possible with VST Live then it is a major issue for a backing track player. Otherwise I like the concept and will possibly buy it in the future.

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We will have all of these options shortly.



It would be awesome if when a part ends, VST Live stop and jump to the the next part and wait for a play button push to Go !
Possible in the future ??

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Great requist!

Yes, coming. Song End Marker, with options to stop, stop and advance to next Song, or advance to and start next Song.

Perfect !

And same for the parts ?

What you mean? Parts have a trigger already so you can set a point where they should be activated.

Yes, but in case I’m playing several groups of tracks in the same song, VST Live don’t stop the player at the end of the part and wait at the beginning of the next part (or I don’t find the way to do it)

For example, if I launch tracks at the beginning of a song, I want the song stop at the end of this tracks (or part) and wait at the beginning of the next part.
So I could launch manuelly a second group of tracks ( a second part) of the same song (same stack, same layer for the 2 groups of tracks)
Actually, the song play the first tacks and continue to play and launch automatically the secong group of tracks
(I have to put the second group of tracks far in the timeline or stop the song before vst live lauch it auyomatically)

But that’s just like playing multiple Songs? So when the Song end stop/wait feature is available, you could organize your “Parts” as “Songs”? Stopping inside a Song is somewhat unusual.