Can WaveLab 11 Elements work as a standalone?

I am guessing it is a pretty noob question but a lot of the information have found seems to skip to more advanced advice.
I can use WaveLab 11 Elements when I export from Cubase but what do I do when I want to master a track that was recorded years ago and is no longer in my Cubase?
I don’t think I will need to put the track into Cubase and then export to WaveLab…ths would be strange.
I can get a track in there but can’t hear or alter it.
Advice is appreciated.

I’m not sure if I understand correctly your problem. You have wav/mp3 files and want to edit them in WaveLab Elements? So, run WaveLab and open these files in this application.
If you cannot find the shortcut to WaveLab, on Windows default path for Elements 11 looks like:
c:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Elements 11\WaveLabElements11.exe
Find the exe file and run it.

Thanks for your reply Gades.
I can open Waves and import a file into it but cannot hear it (it wont scroll and play) or edit that file.
Unless, I export the file from Cubase and then I can edit and do whatever WaveLab 11 Elements lets me do.
I have a feeling there must be a better way than this work-around.

That can’t be right. You should be able to open an audio file directly unless elements has some sort of restriction on the file type which Cubase can read but not elements. What type of files are you opening?

Check Audio Preferences, maybe in standalone mode there is set something wrong? It should be the same audio interface that you use in Cubase.

Thanks Gades. I thought that was an excellent suggestion. Since I had used the same audio interface as Cubase before (and other times) I thought perhaps it has switched to some other setting.

However, once I had gone and looked at Audio Connections - it worked! Apparently all I needed to do was look at it. Magic!

Thanks for you help and input mkok - appreciated.

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