Can WaveLab be used favorably for creative/sound design production?

WaveLab seems to be advertised as a mastering tool. How well does it work for production work, e.g. sound design, sfx foley collages, sampler instrument making, etc. etc?

I’ve only tested WaveLab LE 9.5, which is really limited. What makes me curious about Pro is that WaveLab has the fastest playback engine that I’ve seen. You can literally select a range, have playback looped, and move the region as you wish – it never looses focus and just keeps playing, which is quite impressing to me. And the Montage feature (which I can’t explore fully in LE) seems very promising for sound design as well.

it works, a little clunky, depends how many tracks you want to run, I find with a lot of large multitrack Reaper is one of the the fastest workflows out there, but even then I prefer bouncing out my stems finalising everything in WL pro as its so great to master and meter with

saying that I edit 6-8 tracks in the audio montage in wave lab pro daily and normally are very happy with it,

currently having a weirdness in WL11 which makes it too slow to work on for me in the montage editing (I have another editor also having the same issue) but automating plugins and using lanes will be amazing for workflow, but have had to revert back to 9.5 pro for now, its lightning quick to edit on when its right though!

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