Can Wavelab conform loudness levels via batch processing?

I quite frequently do up mix CDs where the various source elements have loudness levels that are all over the map.

Is it possible to say - take a dozen wav files ripped from CD - and then in WL - apply a consistent (Destructive) loudness factor to all in one go?

Ideally I would like to set up all tracks for something like -14LUFS and then have WL crunch the numbers on the files so when I take the tracks and create a mix CD - I do not have one song blasting and another requiring several cranks of the volume knob because it’s too quiet.

Would this be possible via a Batch Processor or something like the Loudness Meta Normalizer in a montage?

Appreciate any tips.



Yes, the Loudness normalizer plugin is available in the batch processor.


Any specific “extras” needed to perform this process - or is a single instance of the Loudness Normalizer is all that needed?

I know you helped me with my resampling batches suggesting that the Peak Master should be inserted directly after the Crystal Resampler in the chain.



A sole instance of this plugin should be used.