Can we change the path of the SpectraLayers One 7 VST3-file?

Perhaps there’s an html-file that we can edit?

Now you have me curious about what you’re trying to achieve? i.e. Why is it important to have that file in a different location?

I own plugins from 150+ different companies and, in order to efficiently keep track of them, I’ve organized them by company; each gets its own folder (see screenshot). If I didn’t do this, updaing all these plugins would be a nightmare.

And as you can see, I have a Steinberg folder for its VST3-files. However, when I move the SpectraLayers VST3-file into that folder, SpectraLayers One disappears from Extensions.

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Interesting. – And a relief to see someone who is even more of a plugin hoarder than I am. :+1: :rofl:

I’m not aware of any way to customize the locations of ARA extensions.

And messing around with symbolic links has a pretty good chance to break things when the next update for Cubase or SpectraLayers gets installed and thus would be a high risk/low reward approach in this case.

At least ARA extensions are still pretty rare, so managing them as exceptions is not as numerically challenging as managing the fx and instrument plugins.

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