Can we define colours for any element?

Hi all,

Brand new Dorico user here - had been a Sibelius user for 15+ years and just recently jumped ship. I’m still re-wiring my brain, but overall I’m really liking Dorico. It’s making me more productive, even while I’m still learning the program.

I’ve come across a question that I know couldn’t be done easily in a Sibelius workflow (which for what I’m asking about also included Illustrator and Powerpoint). I’m wondering if I either can or someday will be able to do in Dorico: I’d like the ability to define colours for every element on the page: not only noteheads and lyrics, but time signatures, key signatures, staff lines, etc. Everything.

The use case for this is that I often create slides for projecting lyrics on a screen. I use a melody line along with the lyrics to guide people musically. And it works really well - even non-musicians can get a sense of pitches moving up and down, or longer or shorter notes. (And, one of the reasons I’m switching to Dorico is the ability to define 4:3 layouts and 16:9 layouts in one file and “print” them both to graphics because I need to work in both aspect ratios…for me this is a killer feature).

What I’d like to do, as a unique feature of what I do, is visually emphasize the lyrics with the rest of the elements on the page/screen defined to be a medium grey. That way the musical elements are still there to guide people, but the visual focus is on the lyrics.

Is there a way to define a colour for every single element in a Flow? It seems like not, but maybe I’ve just missed it in my searching. If not currently available, is it in the pipeline and/or can I make it a feature request? I know I can do it in Illustrator after exporting, but the amount of work that is doesn’t make it worth it for me currently. If it could be done natively in Dorico, then my workflow would be streamlined even more.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

It’s not currently available.

Welcome the forum, Michael. Although you can’t define default colours for different types of items such that they’re always rendered in a particular colour, for most items in the score you can filter for them, or select them using Edit > Select More, and then override their colour using the ‘Color’ property in the Common group of the Properties panel.

You can color anything that isn’t a primitive, but rather drawn using a font, so that’s staff lines out of the picture!

Hi there, I want to colour a time signature (it’s for a worksheet), and have selected it in Engrave mode and applied a colour in the properties panel, but that doesn’t seem to work, only noteheads? I’ve tried doing a print preview and ensuring colour is selected, not mono. Here’s a screenshot, when I click away the 4/4 will still appear in black:

At the moment, I’m afraid time signatures do not respect the Color property. This is something we may add in a future version.