Can we expect a little more...

…commitment of the Halion 6 development team after it is released and before Halion 7 is released?

Halion 5 was a tragic low when it comes to updates and/or product specialist involvement. Some early release bugs are even still present in Halion 5. One update (5.1.0) and one hotfix (5.1.1) in almost 4 years, really is too lean for a €349 costing piece of software.

I like the Steinberg instruments, but the previous lack of dedication and commitment to make a good product even better after the release, has been quite a let-down in general with the Halion line.

With Halion 6 it looks like you want to facilitate a platform for sound designers to develop content, maintaining the framework for that content is particularly important.

I am sorry that you feel let-down by Steinberg, but there has been nothing like a lack of dedication nor commitment in the HALion development team. We have been constantly working on HALion, brought fixes and new features with the 5.1 release and always took care of compatibility with OS updates.

What are the early bugs release bugs exactly you are mentioning?

I’m not a tester for Steinberg so I did not log these issues and I don’t see any reason why it would make any sense at this stage to write reports, since Halion 5 will be out of order when 6 is release. That being said, some that come to mind are:

Bypassed Amplifier envelope still affecting sample playback length.
Automatic transient detection results in slice markers being wrongly placed (at the center of the transient instead of the start).
Slice Aux Page not working in sample view.
Noise bursts at 192kHz caused by Vintage Ensemble.
Sampler info (note, fine tune etc.) not always read correctly.

Since HALion 6 is based on HALion 5, all of the issues are still relevant. And there will be final HALion 5 maintenance update after the release of HALion 6.

I have checked our Jira database and none of these issues have been reported yet.

The results of the transient detection and the pitch detection heavily rely on the sample material. I am not sure that this is a bug.

Where do you bypass the amp envelope? Could you please explain your use case with some more details?

Same with the Slice Aux Page. Can you explain in detail what the issue is? The Slice Aux parameters are only available on the Slice AUX Page.

When I find the time I’ll write the reports with reproducible steps when I purchased Halion 6. Investing time in Halion 5 - without knowing if it’s even relevant - is a waste of my time because I won’t be using Halion 5 after 6 is released.

Maybe you could ask your beta testers to slice a few drum loops in Cubase 9 and Halion 5 and particularly ask them to listen to the end of each slice. Most of the time in Halion 5 you’ll hear the start of each successive slice because the marker is placed in the center of the transient, instead of at the start. While Cubase 9 does it right and neatly creates a slice at the start of the transient (within reasonable limits of the material).

Ok, I’ll check with the team. What are your system specs?

I am running H6 on Mac OS X 10.11 and I cannot reproduce your issues in HALion 6.

Attached below.

Maybe they are fixed in Halion 6!?

Having tested the amplifier envelope bypass, I can confirm it is definitely faulty. When bypassed it seems to hold for the length of the release without decaying and then goes off with a click.

I have never discovered this before, as I never bypass the envelope, I would always adjust the envelope,

but there is an issue with the amplifier envelope bypass

This shows the importance of filing a bug report, at least it gets the issue on deck. Especially for easy to reproduce issues.

I can confirm the slice aux page fault in the sample editor as well.

I did quite a detailed post about this a while back. (with pictures)