Can we expect an update for 8.5.20 soon?

Can we?

Soon? No.

Expect 8.5.30 sometime in March at the earliest. This last 8.5 update is being delayed to allow the incorporation of the new video engine:

Blimey!! why the heck not?

Cubase 9 is out.

Well so far we’ve seen 1 update after every major release for the previous version, so hold your breath for the moment (not to long please :wink:

And do not forget that Nuendo lags one version behind and that the common/shared code is for both versions, if you know what I mean.

I missed that post. Thanks but this is very frustrating especially after working with this cubase version all year :imp:

I duuno much about the tech aspect of computering but seems to be taking a long time to get the vid sorted!

Can we expect that update in the near future Steinberg???

are you really expecting them to answer :question:

Per the link above regarding the development of the new video engine (dated Oct 26), Steinberg was working to make it available – and the 8.5.20 update that incorporates it – by the end of the first quarter of this year.

If this estimate is still accurate, it gives them another 3 weeks. So, you need to hold your breathe a little longer. :slight_smile:

For those who care to read, it´s already there in the post linked above… :unamused:

For those who care to listen I’m talking about an actual Steinberg person answering…not a member of the forum…
would be nice if a Steinberg representative called in…would it not? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No matter how much I listen - I can´t hear you talk… If you want a Steinberg representative - call one. Since you´re popsting in an public forum, expect forum memberrs to post, even things you might not like…

It would be nicer if they keep working on the solution or supporting real problems instead of again and again answering the same useless questions.

Cubase 8.5.30


Thanks for the news. Does anybody know if the edge pop ups have been removed ?

Not removed, and no new preference added to enable/disable as in C9.

Users have been complaining about this useless feature for over 14 months. I guess 14 months is not enough time to fix Cubase 8.5… Serious waste of time for both, users and Steinberg. Ridiculous and aggravating…

Steinberg has the worst customer support in the industry…

Saw this today :slight_smile:

George Wood

2020, still absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with Steinberg. The bugs and glitches are just countless, and there’s no one to contact for support. It’s a pitty I still have some old projects I started in Cubase, but I’m in the process of migrating everything to another much friendlier platform. One of the most expensive pieces of soft I purchased, and by far one of the worst experiences ever.