Can we fix the small delay before the Ruler 'grabs' for drag-zoom operations?

Why is there a small delay where you have to drag up/down a small amount before the drag-zoom function begins to work on the ruler?

An immediate grab would be far better and more accurate. The small delay catches you off guard.
Any delay in executing mouse functions is a big no no for workflow design.

The delay should prevent accidental movements of events.


That Preference item is not a global setting.

From the C12 manual :-

Drag Delay
Allows you to set up a delay in ms that is used when you move events. This is useful to
avoid accidentally moving events when you click on them in the Project window.

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This does not affect the ruler drag zoom operation. You still have to drag a little bit before it grabs.

But I found other situations where bringing this down to 0ms would be better for me so thanks.