Can we get casting built into Cubase?

I don’t know about others, but for me it would be great if Cubase had the ability to cast the video and audio to a device, like my Chromecast connected to my TV.

Anyone else think that would be useful?

Windows has wireless mirroring built into the OS.

No need for software there to implement this.

Macs can AirPlay their screen to Apple TV.

So… Is there anything more specific that you need?

Most smart TVs support at least Wireless Display (MiraCast) out of the box these days.

Roku sticks support that, and may additionally support Google Cast and|or AirPlay.

When I am working in Cubase I can cast ands get audio if I switch to the generic audio driver, which is not what I need to work with in Cubase. Also, the video is not as smooth as it should be.