Can we get plugin warmup loading for global mtr section?

WL seems to be going well at this end.

Rainbow mode definitely more useful than I thought for editing dialog retakes as the color adds extra verification on the retake editing.

I have been having a problem loading a mastering chain from a preset command for the global master section from v11.2 onwards.

Basically WL crashes upon triggering the shortcut, it does to load the plugins then compleley crashes on windows, saying wl has stopped working, I have to reopen the app, then load again and it works fine, its only if WL already has a chain active then i try to load another chain it crashes. A safe mode or warm up might help for the global mtr section,

i know this is prob 3rd party dev making it crash but just dont have the time to look through them all, they are all updated i think as well.

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Hi … this can probably be avoided by resetting the master section (that is to no plugins) before loading the next preset group.

Tried that already, the only way it works is if it crashes then load the preset when wl is next opened.

Just to confirm, opening a fresh session in the editor, then load a preset global chain from a shortcut. Chain processes audio. Then load same preset with my default settings from the same shortcut. Crash occurs.

I’ve tried resetting before reloading, also tried closing all audio files. Wavelb still crashes.

I do actually think it’s a wavelab thing because it only stated happened after the 11.x updates

If you load the same preset chain through the preset ‘load’ menu on the master section … rather than the shortcut … does WL still crash?

Yepp, also tried this with other presets both load file and shortcut with same crash.

Hmmm This is something I do a few times a day and have not experienced this. But then I only have a handful of plugs that load for audition and they are all well tested in WL.

I agree with your observation that it it is likely a particular plugin that doesn’t like the reload for some reason.

As someone who is chronically behind, I can certainly relate to how difficult it is to find time. But given your regulate crashes, it might well be worth doing. But I’m sure I’m not sharing any thoughts that you haven’t already considered.

Ive just accepted the crash and reload the app. I have been using the same shortcuts or loading of these presets for about 4/5 years everyday. worked great up to 11.x also it happens with different chains and this is why im starting to think its WL, A safe mode would help on the global section. Love the montage but you cant batch process with it. One file at a time doesnt work when your business is a processing workhouse.

I reported this problem months ago…FWIW