Can we get the Tape/Tube Saturation as plugins for inserts?

While I like the idea of the channel strip, in use it is quite uncomfortable.
With the full channel strip displayed, the knobs are too small and it is next to
impossible to use the scroll wheel without changing something by accident.

So, please give us the Tape Saturation and the Tube Saturation sections as insert plugins.
That way I could do away with using the channel strip all together.
More flexible while avoiding the scroll wheel accidents.

Just an idea…

I love this idea. I don’t find myself not using the channel strip except for the tube/tape saturation (which I think can be really great) and the ability to pre/post the eq. So optional insert would be great.


I just thought it was weird that those are the only two that don’t have insert versions.
Maybe they want to keep it a Cubase/Nuendo thing only.
If they were inserts, they could be used in any DAW, in theory.

+1 for inserts. And I’d love to be able to get rid of the whole EQ / Channel strip from the channel setting menu.