Can we get track visibility to work?

Adding new midi or audio tracks on a project visibility setting ( let’s call it guitars ) and saving, results in those tracks appearing in all other saved visibility presets, let’s say piano visibility setting for example… now has my guitar tracks.

What a lovely day.


Yes, this is correct. Ther is not inteligence in Cubase, so if you add a Guitar track and you have a Piano Visibility, Cubase doesn’t know, this is another Instrument Group. Of course, the track has to become visible in all other visibilitiy sets. It would be to danger to hide it by default.

The simple explanation is, every new track is added with Visibility enabled in all Visibility sets, to make sure, the track is not hidden and over look in any existing Visibility set.

It would still be nice to have the option for newly added tracks to respect the current visibility configuration, at least if the track is added to a group, which has it’s visibility controlled by a visibility configuration.

It’s just too tedious to update all other configs every time you add a track, which is the reason I don’t use this feature.

Then you would have to set the Visibility flag for every single Visibility Group, while adding a new track. To ne honest, I would find this very annoying. I’m adding a track, when the inspiration comes, and I’m in the creative workflow. I don’t want to be bordered by this editing and “technical” stuff at this moment.

Btw: Most of the time, I’m using templates, where is my Visibility set already.

Hi Martin,
what do you mean by you would have to set visibility flag for every group?

How is your workflow better this way, what type of visibility groups do you set up ?

I do use large templates with everything I anticipate, but, it’s enevitable that new tracks will need to be added.

I use 10 visibility groups, everything I do has a visibility, one is a master visibility called project that shows everything.

For example, I have hits and stingers as one visibility setting, that setting alone has 75 tracks, I dont want to sort out the new tracks that show up there , because I added 10 new guitar tracks, guess what, I have to remove the guitars from all 9 of 10 visibility settings, that’s a huge time soak…having said that what is the point of using visibility then.

So I am asking for the option to not have this happen.


By the “Visibility Group” I mean for example “Strings”, or “Solos”, etc.

Ok, Yes , that’s the purpose of visibility so I thought.

How do you use visibility then?

As I said, I have a template with the Visibility settings. I don’t need to add a new tracks to my template.

So visibly works fine as long as you don’t add tracks, that’s not practical in application nor good enough. As I said,

I mean, even then it works exactly, as I expected. So every new track is alway visible.

The trick with visibility is to use it from the PLE.

I have a very nice workflow now with macros(both key command and PLE) where I have show/hide on groups of instruments that I assign to keyboard shortcuts.

I have Drums, Instruments, Bass and Vox on different keystrokes that toggle their visibility.

well, PLE enhances the visibility handling by A LOT, so learn the PLE if you haven´t yet

Are you using PLE scripts based upon the name of your tracks? e.g. ‘show all tracks with drum in the name’. Or are you doing something else? Would be really good if you could select tracks based on their colour using the PLE.

I have a key command for ‘Update Visibility Configuration’. This makes it a lot quicker to remove any newly created tracks from your visibility configs.

+I also want to see a new track added to visibility config… I think a thick option in preferences or in visibility area ,when adding track it asks in which visibility config to add it if visibility config are present…
Also i would like to have a check box option next to each visibility config in the list, so for example i tick my guitar,keyboard,and vocal visibility config and i see all of them,and also can make new visibility config from it if needed.

Now we’re talking , Thanks guys, Could we get a screen shot of how you set that up? JSQ as well?

Wondering if it can be done by color also, or how …I have 10 visibility groups active…and this is a big deal for me ( strings, brass, instruments, pads, hits stingers, rhythmic, fx, VCA , sub VCA , all )

To bad it doesn’t do as advertised…

Care to share J-S-Q…? Can it remove them from specific visibility configs…? (one KC per group I guess…?).

This is the main concern of this thread and the annoyance it has highlighted (adding newly created tracks, adds them to ALL visibility configs). It makes the mechanism unfriendly - manually going in afterwards and hand editing each visibility group, is just painful. As Martin said above, I do understand how Cubase cannot be intelligent to ‘know’ which visibility group you want that new track to appear in; so, it needs another level of functionality somewhere here.

(@indiescore - I too would love to see some (more detailed) guidance on those macros and PLE scripts that @claesbjo speaks of…).

As it is, I’ve just stopped using them altogether.

Thanks for the nudge.

how about a few options in visibility settings ( or in the add track setting ) for when new tracks are added:

  1. Add to all visibilities

  2. Add to current visibility only

  3. Add to top of project only ( will not add to any visibility setting ) this way user can decide later where to put it and it never disappears until then

In general, I agree with you, and I would also like to have an option to set the Show/Hide status of a new track, but it’s not so simple. In fact, I could imagine lots of enhancements of the Add track dialog.

Sorry, I don’t understand this. What “Add to all visibilities” means? All tracks are in the visibilities. Do you mean “Show in all Visibility Configurations”?

Do you mean something like “Show in current Visibility Configuration only”?

“Hide in all Visibility Configurations”?

Btw: How would you distinguish Visibility Configurations of the Project window and the MixConsole?

I just mean I have a key command to update whatever is the currently active config. So, I’ll hide a newly created track in the visibility tab and then use the key command to update the config (has to be done in all configs).

You could take it a step further and create a macro that hides currently selected tracks and then updates the config with a single key stroke. You would still have to do this for all configs but if you also have key commands to recall your different configs, it only takes seconds. If it REALLY bothers you, you could probably create a script in Autohotkey to remove selected tracks from all your visibility configs with a single key stroke.

It’s not that big a deal for me because I start with a fairly large template so I’m not adding new tracks every five minutes. Just as I get into the advanced stages of a project I find I’ll need to occasionally add a track.

I also use the track class selector in some of my configs. e.g. I have a config that shows all my groups and it is set to show ONLY group tracks. If I add an audio/instrument track to the project, it will not appear in this config.

The idea that adding tracks to all visibility filters is somehow logical is truly weird.

Let’s say I’m tracking bugs. I set up a filter to show me only bugs for Halion. I enable that filter and only Halion bugs are showing. But tomorrow I come back and 50 new bugs have been entered but none of them are about Halion. And, the way to get my filter to work is to go remove those 50 bugs from my filter.

That makes no sense at all.