Can we have a lower zone for Key Editor windows (not Just project window)

Please could we have a Lower Zone for both Score Editor and Key Editor windows. When working in the key editor it would be good to also be able to see the Notation - especialy for those of us who think in Notation.Many musicians find it hard to “see” notes and runs in Key editors. This would also work vica versa. See key editor in score window lower zone.


You mean in the Windowed Score Editor there should be a lower zone, like there is in the project view?

Yes, a lower zone option in both Key Editor and Score Editor windows. Presently you can only get a lower zone in the Project window, consequence being that you cannot have a sp;lit window with Key Editor and Score Editor. You can only open different windows.

Not exactly the same, but in the Project Window you could open the Score Editor in the Lower Zone and the In-Place Editor in the main section. Another option would be to use 2 separate Windows placed on the screen so you can see both & save that as a Workspace.


I played with this, thank you. The Edit in place solution is OK for a quick one note edit, but it’s really small and lacking in most of the Key Editor functions. Another partial solution I have been explaoring is the “Note Editing Overlay” function in Cubase Score - pg 64 of the Score Manual. Again a partial solution, but a useful one. I prefer this, but the best solution IMO would be to have a lower zone for Score and Key editor Windows. Yes you can open both but the dreaded windows disappearing behind eachother is an isssue. My solution would be the most solid, IMO.