Can we have a prezzie please?

Please Mr Charles et al…

Could we have a project template set up for Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Full Orchestra, all set up with expression maps, nicely laid out into folders, oirchestral style, just the way a pro would set up!

This would encourage everyone to use theHSO/SE trial and it would save so many people so much hassle! :slight_smile:

Project templates do need tweaking, but we should be able to pack a orchestra into a suitcase… nest pas?

yep a big +111111111111111111111 from me :slight_smile:


C’mon! It is Christmas after all. :mrgreen:

Does this help?

Yes it does, thanks very much! It has a couple of cpr’s too! will check this out

Just a quick report back on this. I loaded the cpr and found that each channel has to have the Dymnamics mapping set to send volume (expression) for each individual track, before the tempalte responds to dynamics settings - took VIc and I a while to figure this out. Set MOD to max too.