Can we have "CUE SEND behavior" like it does it with VST Connect?

Hey fellows nuendos :slight_smile:
I was wondering if we could have (or maybe we have?) a similar behaviour of the cue send handling that VST Connect does?

My use case:
I use to monitor thru the DAW (64 Samples latancy), which works out okay but is sometimes hard on the cpu. It would be awesome to use a higher bufferrate and use the Directmonitoring of my interface. But - i use a larg scalled DANTE network which on its own has no Directmonitoring.
I found out the interface in our vocalbooth (Focusrite Rednet x2p) has an “internal” direct monitoring! I though - hell yeah cool! Lets use it.
But now we are back at the poorly way a DAW handles cue mixes :frowning: !

What i would like it to do:
I like to have the recording track OPEN when it is in PLAY BACK mode, but closed when it is actual RECORING or in STOP MODE.
But this behaviour should just happen for the CUE MIX LANE. Me as an engineer in the studio, i like to hear it all the time, of course!

When i use VST Connect, it always handles the RECORDING CHANNEL exactlly like this way!
Of course it’s because it is absolutly important to cut the cue mix to avoide any delayed signal coming back to the remote Performer modul during recording, but let it play back during preroll, or just while playback.
But it should always let the singal thru to the Monitors in the Studio to be able to listen to it as engineer!

my question:
Is it possible to have the CUE Mix be intelligent as it is when used with VST Connect?
That way it would be finaly possible to use Directmonitoring while using DAW monitoring at the same time ?!?

My request
Can we have CUE SENDS onm/Zoff state selecable by the TRANSPORTSTATE the DAW is in?
Don’t say it’s no possible, because it is seen with VST Connect!

It would be cool to have per TRACK:

  • Play
  • Record
  • Stop
  • and all the combinations

This would make a hughe difference in DAW monitoring!

What do you guys think?
How do you handle these tasks?

Oh by the way i know the MUTEOMATIC plugin from Soundradix!
WIth two tracks for each recording you can simulate a behavior like this, but there should be a WAAAAY better way to do it. Its 2020 right?


Anyone on this topic?


I’m following this topic because I just rewired my studio with Dante and am trying to figure this out myself!

Not only cue, but also track monitor depending on transport state would be great.
In a way, we do have something similar for the Nuendo ADR taker, which allows you to set Cues (in fact, Listen) for several parties (producer, talent etc) individually, depending on transport state. An item in the Inspector to control track Monitor, and Sends depending on transport state would be great - possibly, even Mute and/or Solo - and why not different levels.

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Hey Musi,

yes the ADR Taker is sort of it, but it won’t work without all the hazzel of creating ADR Takes and what not. But usually i never work in an ADR fashion. We just “record” without any taking-system. And for music production, this wouldn’t do as well.

So i really would love to see the possibility to have a CUE send deactivated as soon as one is in RECORDING MODE. This way you could use pre/post roll and would have the option to still have real low latency recordings. Actually as perfect as you guys did it in VST Connect.

Any posibillity the VST Connect method could be a part of Cubendo ? Maybe just a little plugin that just enables the already working VST Connect function for a native workflow in nuendo/cubase ?


We have a look at it but can’t promise…

Not that it will help, but here’s my case.
I use an hybrid cue mix setup with Rme TotalMix and Nuendo Control Room, to the point that I can still hear the talent while Playing Back between takes.
Not sure that’s your only issue, but yes, the 3 options on the Nuendo monitoring engine are not enough, plus, I can only do these workarounds because TotalMix gives me the flexibility to do so.

My advice, try to work around with your audio interface software before it hits Nuendo, I do understand it’s a complicated setup, but I don’t see that kind of feature being implemented any time soon.


Hey Miguel_Nunes,
sorry but that is not what this is about. Please reread from the top.
There is no external mixer, or internal DSP mixingsystem at hand.
What you are suggesting is the really cumbersome solution we are all used to at the moment.
No offense, but actually, i am asking for a method to get ride of this kind of workflow you are mentioning :wink: !