can we have different automation passes with track versions

I’ve always wanted multiple automation passes,and using the track versions would be perfect…it makes sense cause if you have a different vocal take you would need a different pass anyway…also I usally experiment with muting certain instruments at different places in the track and there is no way to do this without duplicating the tracks,but using track versions would work well!!,!,!


Although I didn’t get that “tv’s” meant track versions until I read your post. You might want to change your title. Just my 2 cents.

OH, you mean Track Versions – I would change your title to reflect that. :slight_smile:

I agree 100%. This is now of those little improvements to an existing feature that would be a major better-making situation. Unless one didn’t want it – then the option to have that happen or not happen should be there.

Jalcide’s point #6 in the 2nd post of the thread “EDM Producers: what is Cubase lacking most for you?” (EDM Producers: what is Cubase lacking most for you? - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums) also asks for track version automation, and vespesian specifically agreed with that point. I agree with for your feature request for your reason, and for jalcide’s.