Can we have the old timeline behaviour back please?

Hi guys

8.5 is great - I’m a big fan and really appreciate the continued work and effort that goes into making Cubase the best DAW out there (at least, for my needs!)

However, the latest 8.5 update brought with it a major change to a couple of things which has really killed my workflow, and they’re both to do with the timeline.

  1. Splitting the tiny timeline ruler into two halves so that it activates the loop/cycle mode is actually really frustrating. I really don’t need a quick way of activating cycle mode diretly on the timeline - but I do need to locate the playhead several hundred times a day. Can we get the option to turn this new behaviour off? I know there’s workarounds involving adding a new ruler track, splitting the arrange page in two, or using the somewhat inconsistent ‘locate when clicked in empty space’ - but to be honest, just hitting the timeline and having the playhead position itself there was pretty intuitive!

  2. The playhead now works in ‘musical mode’ - I.e stays at its bar/beat position when adjusting tempo. Whislt I can see why this change was made, it actually prevents a really useful ‘feature’ of the old playhead behaviour, which was great when working to picture. I used to be able to find a ‘sync point’ in the film, place my playhead/locator on the timeline at that point, then adjust the tempo track until the playhead fell on a barline or beat (or whatever I’m going for). It was also really useful as a visual reference to be able to ‘see’ where the playhead was in time as you adjust the tempo, rather than on a bars/beats level. Perhaps an option to have the playhead work in samples mode as well as musical mode would be great here?

Other than that, loving everything!