Can we internally route audio now?

A lot of instruments do not freeze or cannot freeze. In Cubasis 2 you could not bounce these tracks to audio. Can we route any track to an audio track and bounce down to audio now?

What about % quantize? Before it was very limiting, either all or nothing.


Please let me have more details, including step descriptions, what instruments fail to freeze.


Ok so that’s a no. Thanks. You had all this time to fix the biggest problem in Cubasis, and you did jack sh!t.

The only ‘no’ I see is your angry ‘no’ to explain your case with a simple example.
Nobody will care about your rant, with this kind of attitude.

Because it doesn’t matter what plugins are causing this. MPC Pro 1/2, Animoog, etc. It depends on the project. I had a simple question, is there internal routing, and they are trying to take the route of customer support and ask other questions to distract from the problem at hand… that unless someone states otherwise, Cubasis 3 STILL doesn’t have internal audio routing. TADA!!

Hi Jimmy two times,

You’ve mentioned in you previous message, that “lots of instruments fail to freeze”.
Please let us have more details about the issue, so we can check this.

Once we’re able to reproduce the issue, there is a good chance we can address it.