Can we make Alternate Chords yet?

I was looking for how to make alternate chords in the chord symbols but only came across a thread from version 1 that was saying it’s not possible (yet). Is this now something version 2 can do? If so, can anyone walk me through it please?

Yes, definitely. Engraving Options—Chord Symbols and scroll to the bottom, to Project Default Appearances. You can create anything you want and save it globally.

You can also click on an existing chord symbol in Engrave mode and modify it individually to your heart’s content.

Actually what I was referring to is creating another chord in brackets above/below the primary chord. For instance, Cm7 (Eø7). Unless I’m missing something, the easiest solution would have to be text input and placing it in Engrave mode.

Ah. Yup.

If you’re not using the chord track for anything, you can just input the chord some rhythmic positions after normally and then place the parenthesis.