Can we open a vsti from the mixer?

We used to be able to do this but I can’t seem to figure it out in C7. Am I missing something?

yes old clic on the “E” in the Console

I see. So it’s two clicks now instead of one. There’s no more keyboard icon on instrument channels but it does appear on the channel strip.


You have to click on the “E”, then in the popup window right above you’ll see the name of the VSTi, in the left next to the name you’ll see the little keyboard icon to open the VSTi window

Aloha guys,

On this topic, for me while in the mixer I either:

‘Option-clik’ on the lil ‘e’


Clik and hold on the lil ‘e’.

Guess all these posted methods work.

Now if only we could also change the VSTi while in the mixer;
without having to go back to the ‘Project Window’.