Can We PLEASE Put A Stop To This?????:

I’m done. I can’t take this anymore.

I use my Cubase 7 every single day. No problems. All my plugins are working fine. Everything is initialized, verified, whatever. My Cubase starts up in a minute or two.

Then we have a time change and all hell breaks loose.

This thing has to cycle through every single plugin for some God forsaken reason and heaven forbid it can’t load one, though I can’t understand why that would happen. It doesn’t just skip over it. It gives me a pop up that I have to enter to bypass. If I’m not at my PC, it just sits there.

I am tired of this. Why do I have to go through this? I don’t understand it and it’s starting to drive me crazy.

Please, can we PLEASE put a stop to this nonsense???

I don’t have to put up with this crap with any other piece of software that I use.

A very angry and frustrated customer.


Maybe if I wasn’t so damn angry twice every year I’d be calm enough to do just that.

change you pc settings so that it does not automaticly changes Summer/winter times and this behaviour is no longer present.

kind regards,

Then I’ll never have the correct time on my PC except when it’s EST.

Disabling automatic daylightsavingtime fixes this. It won’t happen when you change the time manually.

look here f.e. since this is a frequent returning question.

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Since it’s difficult to see a logical reason for this behavior, one guess for its existence is perhaps that it was seen as a “convenient” interval to rescan not too often (e.g. monthly) and not too seldom (e.g. yearly).

Anyway, I agree that it seems a strange activity indeed. Especially when you consider places that does not have DST, e.g. Arizona, United States. No rescans if DST is indeed the trigger.

Why do most even do this at all, anymore. Online, work, entertainment appear to be pretty much around the clock these days. Weird human constructs, instead of shifting activities around we alter the core time. :wink: Even weirder is that so many are reluctant to remove things that no longer have no real purpose.

Anyways, there it was.

Hmm, I never noticed this behavior before, but you’re right. Cubase 7.5.3 is rescanning plugins as I type this.

If you’re getting prompted by individual plugins during this process, at least in my experience that usually is for plugins that need read-write access to their plugin folders (which I hate for multiple reasons), and that can be remedied by permanently moving those plugins to folders that aren’t protected by User Account Control (like “C:\VstPlugins64”). You can also just change your DAW shortcuts to launch as Administrator, but I personally just choose to not use those plugins. There is zero justification for them to need write access to their install locations; it’s just lazy programming.

Haha, as I was writing this Cubase crashed half-way through the scanning process. Just had to re-launch it so it could complete the scan. It is both perplexing and annoying, I agree!

EDIT: After I posted this I went back to Cubase and switched back to my empty instance of Cubase to close it. It crashed on exit. sigh

Does the scan, as irksome as it may be, serve a useful function?

I ask because across 14 years and 3 music computers (most recent specs below) I’ve never had a scan that I’ve noticed (and I have lived in DST areas of the country).

So though I’m glad I’m not inconvenienced by scans, I wonder if there is some downside to that?

Thanks for any thoughts -

This is insanity. I’ve been waiting 2 hours now for Cubase to start, not including hangs, crashes, and restarts. The Daylight Savings rescan is some kind of horrendously slow version of the normal plugin rescan, and on top of that, I have about 1000 plugins.

Thousands of people have been infuriated by this Daylight Savings Time bug for literally 10 years now. It is inconceivable that it wouldn’t be a trivial fix somewhere in the Cubase code. I would literally pay out of my own pocket for a Steinberg progammer to fix this, or to provide an explanation of exactly why this has not been fixed. I am not joking. PM me.


Ah, that thread Alexis linked is interesting. Cubase always imports individual plugins when it finds new or changed files in your plugin folders. Because of how daylight savings time affects Windows, Cubase is tricked into thinking ALL plugins have changed, due to their timestamps being exactly an hour off, so it imports them all again.

So the rescan just happens due to a side-effect of DST changes in Windows on Cubase’s plugin quick-check code. It’s neither a feature or a bug, just an unlucky semi-annual side-effect. Something Steinberg could work around easily though, if they wanted to.

I’m a very disappointed and very anger Steinberg customer too currently, but for totally different reasons. I don’t think they appreciate or even care about how their choices affect customers - both people and/or small businesses.

Where on nearth was this weekend a timechange ??

I just put the kettle on twice per year, and stay relaxed.

Most of North America enters daylight saving time on the 2nd Sunday of March. I guess most of Europe doesn’t change until the last Sunday of March?

IMO the ideal fix to this problem is just to abolish DST entirely. But that’s out of Steinberg’s hands. :slight_smile:

I knew it was coming.
I opened both Nuendo 6.5 and 5.5 before shutting down for the night
to let them do their scans. Next day I had a 5pm session.
No problems until the client needed a sound effect.

So I loaded up the Sound Ideas Search Engine. (3 seconds)
Found several sound effects quickly (less then a minute)
and then I opened Wavelab LE8, Oooooooooooooops! Oh NO!!! (Almost 10 minutes)

Ended up grabbing the sound effect online, it was faster than Wavelab scanning.

If this has to be, couldn’t they at least introduce a pop up window that
would let us stop or delay the scan until it suits us? You know,
not while clients are waiting/paying? As it is, you have no choice at all but
to let it finish scanning. Really? Pro?

My issue was fixed by opening a template project directly instead of opening Cubase.exe (I had to kill Cubase twice when I tried to open it regularly). The template project loaded right away, and then Cubase.exe opened normally as well. Odd stuff.

I use Cubase Artist 7.0.7, and I’ve never seen a plug-in rescan, time change or not. It would be interesting to know what would trigger Cubase to re-scan plug-ins for any reason.

You probably just don’t notice the rescan occurring. Apparently it takes a long time to happen on some folks machines and not so long on others. On my PC it takes an extra one or two minutes, so I hardly notice (and often don’t if not paying attention). But then you hear of others where it takes hours which would be annoying. Wonder what causes the difference?

As for what triggers it. As pointed out above, Cubase thinks the plug-in file has been changed because the timestamp is off by an hour.