Can we purchase the Dorico 4 update before it's released?

I know this sounds a bit crazy, but being able to purchase it ahead of Christmas presents shopping time, may mean some of us can budget for it.

I actually have the cash now, but just thought I would mention it.


Steve. :grinning:

Can’t you put the money to the side, until version 4 is available? Or bring it to your bank / let a trusted person keep an eye on it…
And if you are lucky, a nice person will present yourself a wonderful christmas gift :gift:

oh, of course I could, but It’s a struggle! So many nice new VST libraries out there I keep thinking about :smiley:

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If you’re not already on 3.5, any 3.5 purchase qualifies for a free 4.0 update already. Daniel gave the following details in a blog post here:

“In the meantime, if you’ve been holding out for the release of Dorico 4 before you buy the software, you will be interested to know that any Dorico 3.5 license that is first activated on or after 25 August 2021 will be eligible for a free grace period update to Dorico 4 when it is released. Keep an eye out for one more opportunity to buy Dorico 3.5 at a special price before the end of the year.”

Thanks for letting me know Fred :grinning:

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However, it doesn’t look that users already in 3.5 will be able to purchase Dorico 4.0 ahead of launch and benefit from the discount. The sale is not out yet, but I’d be glad to discover that I’m wrong and that I can also benefit from the discounted update.

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Well, we haven’t got long to wait now. Besides, upgrade pricing is always less than normal purchase pricing, so in that sense it is already at a discount. But yes—it would be nice if there’s some sort of black friday/ cyber monday opportunity for current users.

Whereas this is true, and it’s also true that we 3.5 customers have been enjoying the benefits of the 3.5 version, it’s also true that any 3.0-3.1 user will be able to update to the 4 version already with a discount (the .5 update was cheaper) and, supposedly, at a discounted price. 3.5 users may not have this option, and may have to pay the full price of a whole numbered version.
Given the record of features the team delivered these last year, I’m certain I’m going to buy the new version so, if I’m given the opportunity, I’ll blindly buy Dorico 4.0 at a discounted price before even knowing what it’ll bring me.

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I’m afraid there’s not going to be an opportunity for existing Dorico 3.5 users to buy the update to Dorico 4 at a discount in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday timeframe. I hope that you will nevertheless find the features that will arrive in Dorico 4 early next year worth the full asking price of the update.

Bummer, but before everyone gets all snippy about this: just remember that many (most?) of us already benefited from cross-grade pricing once. And a good number on previous BF/CM as well as other sale days too.

Dorico upgrades have always been very reasonably priced, much more reasonably than the competition. I guess I’ll just patiently wait for the official release, buy the upgrade, and feel I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth.

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It’s true that Dorico updates prices are reasonable, and also true that we’ve been enjoying 3.5 features from day one so, even if I feel slightly disappointed, it’s fair enough and I’m not going to complain.

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